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 EPA Registered Disinfectant Spray

Total-Shield Plus™ is a ready-to-use one-step EPA-registered disinfectant spray and is proven by testing to be effective against easily spread bacteria and viruses. 


​Total-Shield Plus™ is effective and long-lasting, containing 5 ingredients that kill as well as a unique formulation that allows for persistent disinfecting.

Bleach-free, Total-Shield Plus™ disinfects and deodorizes surfaces without generating harsh fumes or sticky residue. Use it on hard surfaces like worktables, counters, floors, walls, and even ceilings. When used as directed, you can even spray it on drywall and plastics. 

Protect your home or workplace from germs, mold, mildew, and fungi. EPA-registered Total-Shield Plus™ disinfectant spray can help inhibit and eliminate many pathogens from common surfaces.  We have tested and continue to test our products against the bacteria, viruses, and fungi listed below, as well as on other pathogens. We’ll provide those additional test results on request.  

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